Comprehensive Dental Care in Chandler

Treatments in preventative and restorative dentistry are essential for optimal oral health. While many dentists must refer out for dental implants, periodontal therapy, and other surgical needs, Dr. Mark Arooni, your Chandler, AZ dentist, offers these treatments in one office location. This not only offers unparalleled convenience for our patients, it also keeps all dental records under one roof, eliminating communication issues and simplifying the treatment process. At Mark Arooni DDS, we truly understand the value of a positive doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Arooni and his team can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile that can last for years to come. Call us at (480) 351-0963 to schedule an appointment.

About Preventive Care

Practicing preventive care can help a patient avoid enamel wear, tooth decay, and gum disease. These serious conditions can cause tooth and gum sensitivity. If left untreated, these problems can progress and significantly compromise your oral health.

At-Home Care

Preventive care promotes a healthy and bright smile from childhood into adulthood. Patients should brush at least twice daily and floss once a day. Be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to protect your enamel.

Professional Preventative Treatments in Chandler

At a biannual checkup, your Chandler, AZ dentist will examine the health of your teeth and gums. In some cases, he might want to take digital x-rays or use an intraoral camera to identify tooth decay or other issues. During the professional cleaning part of the appointment, a dental hygienist gently removes plaque buildup and tartar, eliminating harmful cavity-causing bacteria.

About Restorative Care

Restorative services aim to repair or replace decayed or damaged teeth. At our practice, we offer a wide range of restorative treatments, including bonding, composite fillings, crowns, and porcelain inlays and onlays. For tooth loss, Dr. Arooni recommends dental implants, which can be restored with single crowns, bridges, or dentures.


Composite bonding restores chipped, moderately broken, and stained teeth. Bonding can re-shape teeth to close gaps or correct oddly shaped teeth. During the bonding procedure, your Chandler, AZ dentist will apply several layers of composite resin to the teeth, cure the resin with a special light to harden it, and then shape and polish the bonded composite resin.

Composite Fillings

Composite resin fillings can reinforce teeth weakened by decay and prevent further deterioration. They are commonly used to treat small cavities. Today’s dental materials can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth for a seamless smile.

Crowns and Bridges

Severely decayed or broken teeth often require dental crowns. These restorations stabilize weakened teeth, preserving bite alignment and mouth function. Typically made of porcelain, crowns provide patients with a durable restorative option. Depending on your case, Dr. Arooni of Mark Arooni DDS might recommend a porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown, as these restorations can withstand the strong chewing forces of the molar teeth.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

If dental damage is too severe for a filling but not extensive enough to warrant a crown, an inlay or onlay may be recommended by Dr. Mark Arooni. Crafted from porcelain, these restorations fit into the tooth structure, much like a puzzle piece, to provide reinforcement.

Dental Implants

Durable and realistic, dental implants replace missing teeth and stimulate the jawbone like natural teeth roots. Made of titanium, implant posts placed in the jawbone help promote bone regeneration and prevent further bone atrophy. Versatile in their use, dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or an entire arch of missing teeth.

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