Mark Arooni DDS Provides Periodontal Therapy For Chandler AZ

Treatment for the Number-One Cause of Tooth Loss in Chandler

Many people don’t realize that gum, or periodontal, disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Because the initial symptoms are mild, like swollen or bleeding gums, you may not realize the seriousness of the problem. This Chandler dentist has found, this issue won’t resolve itself and can lead to bone degeneration, loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss.

Give attention to your swollen or bleeding gums. Take either of these symptoms seriously and schedule a consultation with our Chandler dental office.

Your first line of defense

Be aware of your earliest symptoms for periodontal (gum) disease. Your first signs can often appear mild but should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

We encourage checkups twice a year and good home habits to prevent gum disease from developing.

Be aware of the threats to your overall health

Because gum disease can wreak havoc on your mouth and lead to other serious health concerns, such as heart disease and diabetes complications, we monitor your mouth carefully.

Know your treatment options

If you develop gum disease, Dr. Arooni will customize a treatment plan to stop the damage and re-establish a healthy mouth.  Laser gum therapy is an essential treatment therapy. And ongoing gum maintenance will help keep your gums and bone tissue healthy.

We encourage you to scroll through our informative pages to learn more about different aspects of gum disease treatment and prevention:

  • Periodontitis
  • Laser Gum Therapy
  • Maintenance

Seek more information about gum disease symptoms and treatment.

Please contact our office at 480-855-1200 or visit our office at 1949 W Ray Rd. Chandler, Arizona 85224. Dr. Mark Arooni is recognized as a Phoenix Best Dentist, with years of education and experience in periodontal therapy.