Composite Fillings in Chandler AZ

Mercury-free fillings

composite filling

Tooth decay begins to form when a particular species of bacteria called S. mutans feed on tiny bits of sugar and starch left behind in your mouth after eating and drinking. During the digestion process, the bacteria produce an acid that sucks the minerals out of your tooth enamel. As the enamel weakens, more bacteria take hold, creating more acid that eats further into your tooth. The characteristic pit we call a cavity forms. If left untreated, the cavity deepens and penetrated the dentin and pulp layers of the tooth, requiring invasive measures such as a crown, root canal, or extraction.

However, if you visit Dr. Arooni for regular checkups and cleanings, he will identify the early signs of tooth decay and place a composite resin filling. In the old days, dentist used dental amalgam, an alloy of mercury, to fill in cavities. Unfortunately, not only did amalgam fillings look unsightly and unnatural, the presence of mercury, a known toxin, has caused concern among many dental professionals. Composite fillings not only blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth, they require less removal of your natural tooth enamel, thus offering a more conservative solution.

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