Tooth Extraction in Chandler

Tooth Extraction in Chandler AZ

As a general dentist with over 26 years of clinical experience, Dr. Mark Arooni is well-equipped to repair badly damaged or decayed teeth. In fact, he prefers to save natural teeth whenever feasible. However, this may not always be a predictable option. Patients who have sustained significant damage may require a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction in Chandler can help eliminate infection, ease discomfort, and preserve your long-term oral health.

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are several reasons why a tooth may need to be removed. Some of the most common include:

  • Decay: If a cavity or fracture has grown too large, it can compromise the structure of a tooth. If decay or damage has left minimal healthy tissue behind, an extraction may be necessary.
  • Infection: In the event that bacteria extends into the pulp of a tooth, root canal therapy is often the first line of defense. However, if this treatment is unpredictable or not possible, then Dr. Arooni will likely recommend removing the tooth.
  • Overcrowding: Patients considering braces or Invisalign® sometimes seek treatment to correct overcrowding. This condition is often the result of an underdeveloped jawbone. To free up more space and allow for optimal alignment, one or more teeth may need to be removed.
  • Impaction: If a tooth is trapped in the jawbone, either partially or fully, it can lead to a host of serious oral health problems. For example, the tooth can place excessive pressure on the surrounding structures. It also increases the risk for infection. Therefore, dentists in Chandler typically recommend extracting impacted teeth.

What to Expect During the Extraction Procedure in Chandler

The day of your tooth extraction, you will be escorted to a comfortable treatment room. If you opt for nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation, these medications will be administered first to induce a state of relaxation. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Arooni of Mark Arooni DDS will numb the affected tooth and surrounding gums with local anesthesia. He then frees the tooth from the supporting gum tissue and gently lifts it from the socket. In some cases, Dr. Arooni may divide the tooth into smaller segments for easier removal. If necessary, the site will be closed with stitches, and a small piece of gauze will be placed over the area to reduce bleeding.

Healing and Recovery

Because a tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, patients may experience mild discomfort following treatment. Any soreness can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medications. A cold compress can also be applied to the external jaw periodically to reduce swelling.

In most cases, patients can return to work and normal activities in about one or two days. It is important that you follow all guidelines set forth by Dr. Arooni. This will ensure you enjoy a swift, comfortable, successful recovery.

Exploring Replacement Options

With a few rare exceptions, we recommend replacing any tooth that has been extracted. There are several different teeth replacement options in Chandler, including traditional dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants. Before you undergo your tooth extraction, Dr. Arooni will discuss your replacement options with you in detail so you can make an informed decision.

Learn More about Tooth Extractions in Chandler, AZ

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