Implant Supported Dentures in Chandler AZ

implant supported dentures

Enjoy incredible denture stability with implants

Sometimes, missing several or all of your teeth feels like a no-win situation. If you choose not to wear dentures stabilized with implants, you have to deal with decreased self-image, problems speaking normally, and an extremely restricted diet of soft, mushy foods. Taken together, these factors result in a greatly reduced quality of life and can shave years of your lifespan. On the other hand, if you choose to replace your teeth with dentures, you inevitably have to contend with slipping, sliding, clicking dentures that require frequent re-fittings and periodic replacement.

Strong support for your new teeth

Dr. Arooni has an ideal solution: dental implant supported dentures. A series of bio-compatible titanium supports are surgically placed in your jaw. After they have fully healed and integrated with the surrounding bone tissue

Options depending on your tooth loss circumstances

Full or partial dentures can be placed on your new implant.  Implant secured dentures are easy to clean and never slip, slide, or fall out at inopportune moments. Furthermore, you do not have to relearn eating and speaking with implant secured dentures.

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