TMJ / Extractions in Chandler AZ

Relieving pain, restoring dental Health

TMJ Treatment


Many people suffer from chronic headaches, neck and jaw pain, or an unpleasant popping sound every time they open their mouth to speak, chew, or yawn. Sadly, many of these people have no idea what causes their discomfort and therefore resign themselves to the reduced quality of life associated with chronic pain. Luckily, Dr. Arooni can diagnose and treat problems associated with the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), those joint that lay on either side of your face and connect the lower jaw to the skull. Treatment options may include custom-fitted mouthguards, neuromuscular therapy, or lifestyle modification.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

Although it may seem counterintuitive, extracting a tooth can actually restore the healthy balance within your mouth. Reasons for extracting a tooth may include:

Extensive tooth decay that has gone beyond the point that a filling, inlay/onlay, or crown can repair.

Advanced gum disease that has caused a tooth to loosen irreparably.

People with compromised immune systems may need to have tooth removed to avoid the spread of infection.

Removal of a tooth can help in the successful realignment of teeth during orthodontic therapy.

If Dr. Arooni has determined that you need to have a tooth extracted and you feel nervous or anxious at the thought of the procedure, let him know. Dr. Arooni has several gentle sedation options that can help you relax during your procedure.

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