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smile design

Creating beautiful smiles

Many people have heard of cosmetic dentistry and are familiar with some of the treatments involved in transforming a patient’s smile. However, a large sector of the public does not know that the two most important factors of enhancing a person’s smile are the dentist’s skill and artistry and the patient’s clearly defined smile goals.

An artist’s eye

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a paint-by-numbers, one-size-fits-all practice. What might work for one patient will not necessarily work for another patient. A talented cosmetic dentist like Dr. Arooni takes many factors into consideration when designing a patient’s ideal smile, including the health and condition of the teeth and gums, the shape and symmetry of the existing oral structures, the shape and fullness/thinness of the lips, how much of the teeth and gums show when the patient smiles, and the general shape and appearance of the jaw and face. Only after a full analysis and consultation with the patient will Dr. Arooni begin to develop a treatment plan and design for his patient’s new smile.

You are the most important part of smile design!

Every person has a unique and highly individualized notion of what constitutes a beautiful smile. For some, it may be a dazzlingly white, toothy smile. For others, simply recapturing the appearance of their youthful smile is enough. Dr. Arooni will work with you to help determine your personalized smile goals before designing a custom treatment plan.

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