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Smiles should sparkle!

The most direct route to the Fountain of Youth is teeth whitening. Without altering a single tooth in your mouth, we can achieve dramatic results that will make you appear younger, healthier, and more vivacious.

Dr. Arooni provides a selection of teeth whitening options in Chandler ranging from instant, in-office treatment, to professional home systems that lighten teeth over the course of a few weeks. All of our teeth whitening treatments produce stunning results.

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Could make you look younger with a single in-office treatment
  • Comes in a variety of treatments, so you can choose the one best suited to your lifestyle and schedule
  • Can erase years of stains from foods, wine, coffee, tea, and even tobacco

Boost your self-confidence with a simple dental treatment

teeth whiteningWould you like to add some pizzazz to your pearly whites? Professional teeth whitening can remove stains and give your smile a youthful glow. This simple, effective procedure will improve your self-confidence and the image you project at home, work, and play.

Eliminate your teeth stains

Some stains respond better to teeth whitening, so Dr. Arooni will evaluate your smile before making treatment recommendations. Yellowing and darkening caused by food, drinks, or tobacco will typically lighten with teeth whitening. Certain medications or overexposure to fluoride can generate grayish stains that often won’t change, so we may suggest porcelain veneers as an alternative. You can choose from in-office or at-home teeth whitening.

Quick, easy teeth whitening in one office visit

In-office whitening, is a quick, easy treatment that can lighten teeth up to 10 shades in one visit, a perfect choice just before your class reunion, wedding, or other special event. Our professional assistants will apply a specially formulated bleaching gel to your teeth. The mixture penetrates the enamel and dentin, which lifts the discolorations. You will leave our office with a glamorous smile.

Convenient teeth whitening you can so at home

Take-home teeth whitening kits work perfectly for patients who want gorgeous smiles, but prefer to brighten teeth at their convenience. Our professional assistants will first take impressions for custom bleaching trays; will also prescribe NiteWhite professional-grade whitening gel. Use this product as directed each day to achieve the same radiance as chairside teeth whitening.

If one simple treatment could improve your appearance and boost your confidence, what are you waiting for? Schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Mark Arooni now, and you’ll be enjoying your sparkling smile in no time.

Passionate about his profession, trained in the latest techniques, using the most advanced equipment, Dr. Arooni and staff are always available to help you get your perfect smile. Please contact our office at 480-855-1200 or visit our office at 1949 W Ray Rd. Chandler, Arizona 85224.

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