Mark Arooni DDS provides Sedation Dentistry for Chandler AZ

Dentistry for the apprehensive patient

Do you desire a beautiful smile, but struggle with anxiety when you think about visiting the dentist? Dr. Mark Arooni DDS wants you to know that he understands your fears and offers sedation options for his hesitant patients. Whether you choose nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or a combination of both, your Chandler dentist can maximize your comfort and ease your trepidation.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that contains both analgesic and calming properties. It is a mild sedative, and patients who take nitrous oxide during their treatment should be able to drive themselves home afterward.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation consists of the consumption of an anti-anxiety oral medication, prescribed by Dr. Arooni. The medication used in oral sedation also confers a slight amnesia-like effect, so a patient who chooses oral sedation may not remember the procedure at all. This form of sedation is slightly stronger than nitrous oxide, so the patient will likely need a ride home after their procedure.

Nitrous oxide + oral sedation

For the patient with a high level of anxiety, a combination of nitrous oxide and oral sedation may be the solution. As with oral sedation alone, if a patient chooses combination sedation they will need a ride home from our Chandler dental office.

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