Gum Contouring Chandler AZ

Gum Contouring Chandler

The Solution for Your “Gummy” Smile

Your smile tells the world how you’re feeling; it conveys your personality and speaks what words cannot say. If you’ve always had short-looking, small teeth, and you feel like if only they were larger, you’d look more attractive, sophisticated, or professional, it’s time you learn about cosmetic laser gum contouring.

Non-surgical Gum Repair Procedure

Trained in the use of a precision dental laser, specially calibrated for soft tissue procedures, Dr. Arooni can give you the big, beautiful smile you’ve longed for all of your life. In a matter of one visit, your smile and self-confidence could be completely transformed, forever.

Laser Gum Contouring

  • Does not require a scalpel or stitches
  • Has a quick recovery time
  • Reshapes gum tissue to reveal more tooth structure
  • Will be customized for optimal esthetics
  • Can be performed in just one visit
  • Gum repair that enhances your appearance

Don’t let small teeth make you feel like a small person. Please contact our office at 480-855-1200 or visit our office at 1949 W Ray Rd. Chandler, Arizona 85224.

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