Mark Arooni DDS Provides Dentures for Chandler AZ


End Embarrassment and Restore Your Lifestyle

Missing teeth don’t just impact your smile. With lost teeth, you may experience difficulty eating, bone degeneration, speech problems, and decreased self-confidence. Patients often feel embarrassed when they talk or smile, so they may limit social interactions. To resolve these issues, Dr. Arooni can revive your smile with custom dentures.

A quality, removable solution for your tooth loss

Made from the highest quality materials, these removable modern dentures can improve the health and appearance of your smile. Dentures are prosthetic teeth constructed on a gum-colored base and crafted to mimic a natural smile. With full or partial dentures, you can enjoy the benefits of a full set of teeth. 

Custom designed for a comfortable fit

Dr. Arooni will work with the dental lab so that the dentures look like your natural teeth and produce a comfortable fit. Though you may have an adjustment period as your tissues become accustomed to the appliance, most patients experience increased stability and function.

  • Dentures provide you increased stability and function. Eliminate embarrassing slippage and be completely confident while eating.
  • Dentures support your facial muscles to prevent a sagging appearance. Improve your appearance and reduce the look of aging.
  • Dentures correct your speech and enhance your lifestyle. Experience more confidence in your relationships and social interactions.

Treatment and care for partial or total tooth loss

If you have lost all your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, Dr. Arooni will recommend full dentures. Partial dentures replace one or more teeth on either arch and close the gaps in your smile. To protect your prosthetic appliance and dental health, brush any remaining teeth and practice good home care.

Request a consultation about treatment with full or partial dentures at our Chandler dental office.