Chandler Dentist Discusses Gum Contouring

Gum ContouringGums do more than just protect the roots of your teeth; they frame your smile. Some people are born with uneven gums or too much gum tissue. Sometimes health problems result in a change in the appearance of your gumline that can make you feel uncomfortable about the way your smile looks. A smile is an important part of self-confidence, so there’s no wonder that many patients opt for gum contouring when they feel like their gums don’t look quite right. Your Chandler dentist, Dr. Arooni, discusses gum contouring.

Do You Describe Your Smile as Gummy?
When people are born with an overabundance of gingival tissue, their teeth can appear small and their gums might be distracting. Have you ever seen someone smile while trying to keep their mouth closed, or cover their mouth when they smile? Smiles make first impressions. Statistics show that people with confident smiles make more money in the work force, and have more success over all areas of life. Feeling good about the way your smile appears is an essential element in a high quality of life. In gum contouring procedures, lasers are used so that excess tissue can be precisely removed to produce an even, well-proportioned smile.

Gum Contouring for Gum Recession

Gums that are too high make your teeth appear bigger. This is generally related to gum recession, and is seen with gum disease. The concerns with gum recession are not only aesthetic. Infected gum tissue pulls back from teeth and can  expose the tooth’s root. If roots are directly attacked by bacteria, root canal procedures, and potential tooth loss, are possibilities. In the case of gum recession, a contouring procedure might be recommended in addition to other periodontal therapies, such as regenerative procedures, periodontal pocket reduction, and crown lengthening.

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Healthy, even gumlines are an important part of a beautiful smile. If you are interested in a consultation regarding gum contouring, Dr. Arooni is available. Call our Chandler dentist office at (480) 351-0963 today. We serve patients from Guadalupe, Mesa, Sun Tan Valley, Tempe, the 85224 zip code, and surrounding communities.

By Mark Arooni DDS