Patient-Centered Care Makes Your Dental Experience Better in Chandler

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Search online for “dental anxiety” or “dental phobia” and you’ll see clearly that fear and stress over dental appointments is a major problem for millions of Americans. Why is this? Some patients have bad memories from prior experiences; others worry that they’ll experience pain or simply have an aversion to needles. For many people, the dentist’s office is not always a happy place to be. The problem with avoiding the dentist, however, is that missed appointments make it hard for you to get the timely care you need to stay healthy. To combat this problem, Chandler AZ dentist Dr. Mark Arooni provides patient-centered care.

Are you ready to try a Chandler AZ dentist who puts your needs and comfort first? Visit Dr. Mark Arooni and we’ll make sure you experience dental care without stress, worry, or anxiety.

What is Patient-Centered Care?

In the past, dentistry was about fixing teeth. Today, dentistry is about partnering with patients to help them have the best oral health possible. We don’t just want to clean and restore your teeth; we also want to make sure you feel comfortable at the dentist, reduce your anxiety over future appointments, and ensure you feel safe and valued as a patient.

Oral health is not something you should think about every six months before your check-ups. We want to make it something you think about in an on-going way: when you make food and beverage choices, when you use a sports guard to protect your teeth before playing sports, and when you look in the mirror. We can’t help you have the best oral health of your life if your visits to the dentist are fraught with anxiety or discomfort.

Our aim is to make our office a place where you feel comfortable asking questions, talking about your health, and keeping your teeth and gums healthy with the help of our specialist staff. There are many factors in your life that can affect your oral health. The better our relationship with you, the better our chances of helping you understand how health and diet and lifestyle can affect your teeth and gums.

A More Comfortable Dental Experience

In our Chandler AZ dentist office, we have added a number of amenities and technology that we hope will make you feel more comfortable during your visit. We also provide dental sedation services to help our patients have less traumatic experiences during their visits. We do not provide “sleep dentistry” that renders our patients unconscious. Rather, we offer two levels of sedation that can help alleviate anxiety.

  • Nitrous Oxide Gas: This treatment is delivered with oxygen through a nose mask. It has a calming and pain-reducing effect, but does not “knock you out” the way heavier forms of sedation can. After the nose mask is removed, the effects stop, so patients can drive themselves home afterward.
  • Oral Sedation: This medication is given before an appointment to help patients feel calmer and reduce anxiety. This type of sedation is similar to the medicines given to nervous flyers before an airplane ride, so it will not make you fall asleep—though many patients fall asleep naturally. Because it may affect your reflexes, however, patients should not drive home after oral sedation.

If you’ve experienced anxiety over dental appointments in the past, you might be a good candidate for one or both of the aforementioned forms of sedation. Because they work in different ways, they can safely be combined during an appointment, if requested.

Need a New Dentist? Tell Us About Your Experiences

If you’ve had problems with dental appointments before, tell us about your experiences. We want to offer you a new start on your oral health in a safe and trusting environment. Contact our staff and explain what you are looking for in a new dentist and we’ll do our best to provide an environment in which you feel safe and valued. Call us today at 480-855-1200 and we’ll set up an appointment for you with Chandler AZ dentist Dr. Mark Arooni.