My Day In Chandler

Chandler is a conspicuous developed area found in the Metropolitan Statistical Phoenix Area of Arizona. Its location compliments its surroundings as it offers easy-to-access outdoor leisure activities with infinite fun for the whole family, a lively downtown, first-class golf facilities, and prize-winning events. Anyone visiting Chandler is bound to enjoy the diverse society with its best shopping, arts, and culture, magnificent eateries of every cuisine and many other different things and activities to do throughout the year. Everyone is fun to chill with in this locality

Sports and Recreation

The outdoor activities that you can take part in are simply amazing. There are three major recreation spots that you may want to visit if at all you ever set foot in Chandler in future, and they are:

Paseo Trail

This is a 9.5-mile trail that starts at Galveston St. and goes on through Riggs Road. It is made up of a 10-foot-wide concrete multiple-use alleyway found on the east side Chandler’s Consolidated Canal. The western side has not been fully developed or need I say improved and is thus used for bicycling and horseback riding as the surface is made up of dirt.

Desert Breeze Park: This is home to the Hummingbird Habitat

Welcome to the home of the Hummingbird. The habitat is a demonstration allotment that allows the visitors to familiarize themselves with the Southwestern plants that have low water usage, beautiful and part of the natural setting that supports region natural world. There are trail markers that assist visitors to identify the plants. The grounds also offer lake views, ball fields, picnic, pavilions, walking trails, tennis, and a playground. Bring here some who is so close to your heart and enjoy ice cream on the grass.

Veterans Oasis Park and Environmental Education Center

This is a mixed-use and dynamic facility that was unveiled in April 2008. The center lies in the southeast place of the city at the juncture of Chandler Heights and Lindsay Roads. There is a lot you can do here other than killing time on the sun. The place includes exhibit areas, nature store, urban fishing lakes, outdoor auditorium and four classrooms for environmental awareness and wildlife preservation. These entire places are bordered by trails that stretch for more than four miles. The main purpose as to why the facility was built was to revitalize regained water into the earth for future use. The staff works with resident institutes to progress nature-oriented undertakings that match their syllabus. Programs presented to visitors and residents cover themes such as water conservation, alternative energy, bird watching, stargazing, green living, gardening, orienteering, and nature photography. Admission to the Environmental Education Center is absolutely free and guests are welcome to view the exhibits and stroll around the trails surrounding the built-up fishing lake.

The three discussed places are full of fun and you can go and enjoy it all for free. Chandler is a well-known tourist destination and in 2007, it made to the list of the top ten most walk able towns in the United States of America by Prevention magazine. If you are planning to visit Chandler, don’t leave without paying a visit to these places as you are guaranteed to learn a lot about the environment and the same time have the time of your life.