2017 Must See Landmarks in Chandler, AZ

The beautiful city of Chandler, AZ has a lot to offer its visitors. The town was first settled by a man named Dr. Alexander John Chandler. Chandler who was the only veterinary surgeon in the Arizona Territory founded a large ranch that later turned into a town. Now Chandler is a booming medium sized community that has a growing population of 236,123. Now that you know a little more about this beautiful western town, let’s take a look at some of Chandler, AZ landmarks that you need to check out!

Arizona Railway Museum

If you love history and trains, then you will want to check out this next local landmark. The Arizona Railway Museum offers visitors a glimpse of the past. Here you can learn about the development of the rail system in this part of the west and how it changed the way people lived. As you will learn, many people worked tirelessly to bring the railroad to this part of Arizona which helped tame the wild west. The museum was founded in 1983 and is now being run by a nonprofit organization. So make sure to stop by and pay them a visit when you are in town.

Tumbleweed Park

This green spot is a local favorite in the town of Chandler and is a great place to get relax on a warm sunny day. The park has a large playground for the kids and even a tennis court! The large recreation area that the park offers is often the host to many different types of sporting events. If you have children, why not put this beautiful park on your list of things to see while visiting this part of Arizona?

Lone Butte Casino

While casinos aren’t for everyone, Chandler is home to one of the finest. The Lone Butte Casino is a shining star in the desert. The building alone stands out from the landscape and offers impressive architecture. Outside of the casino, guests can check out the beautiful fountain that offers a place to cool off in the hot desert heat. This casino is a huge hub for bingo, slots, and poker.

Hohokam Pima National Monument

Located inside the Gila River Indian Community, this national monument contains an ancient Hohokam village. This site is rich in Native American history, and you can learn more about how these very interesting people lived hundreds of years ago. Well-persevered, this site has a lot of historical value that is fun to learn about! This is a great place to bring your children so they can learn about one of the most amazing ancient cultures in the history of this continent.

As you can see, there are lots of fun things to do in Chandler. While the landmarks are very interesting, the nice people that live here really make this town one of the best! This modern town has balanced its growth with the rich history of the past. So if you have time this year, why not come by and check out this hidden gem?