Make Your Smile Sparkle with Cosmetic
Dentistry in Chandler

Sparkle Smile-in-Chandler

Creating an aesthetically pleasing smile can involve straightening teeth, removing stains, reshaping the gum line, and more. Because each patient has unique goals, treatment can vary significantly for every individual. At our dental practice, Dr. Mark Arooni believes that everyone should have a smile that he or she loves to share. That is why we offer the following treatments in cosmetic dentistry in Chandler, AZ:

During a consultation with Dr. Arooni, he will sit down with you and listen closely to your cosmetic concerns. During the smile design process, we encourage you to explain what you like about your smile, as well as the elements you would like to improve. Dr. Arooni can help you determine the treatment necessary to achieve your goals. Read on to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Chandler, AZ.

Teeth Whitening in Chandler

Are your teeth becoming yellowed, stained, or dingy? If so, you could benefit from professional teeth whitening. Patients at our practice can choose an in-office procedure or a take-home teeth whitening kit. During your in-office whitening treatment, a dental professional will apply a specially mixed bleaching gel to the teeth. The oxygen molecules within the gel actively break apart the bonds that create staining. Professional teeth whitening can lighten the teeth by several shades in just one hour.

Take-home whitening kits are just as effective as in-office treatments in Chandler. However, it typically takes about two to three weeks before the desired results are achieved. In order to whiten your teeth at home, you will require custom-made bleaching trays, which can be fabricated in our office. To apply the gel, you will simply dispense a small amount into the bleaching tray before inserting it into your mouth. You will be provided with specific instructions on how long to wear the trays.

Porcelain Veneers

Custom-made from high-quality porcelain, veneers adhere to the front surfaces of the teeth. These restorations can improve the shape, size, texture, alignment, and color of the teeth. Veneers can typically be placed in two dental appointments. During the first visit, Dr. Arooni prepares the teeth and takes impressions. These impressions will be sent to a ceramist, who will fabricate your final restorations. In the meantime, Dr. Arooni of Mark Arooni DDS will place temporary veneers to protect the teeth. Once your final restorations are complete, we will schedule you for a second appointment, when we will bond them into place.

Gum Contouring

An uneven or “gummy” smile can detract from beautiful teeth. To correct this cosmetic concern, Dr. Arooni provides laser gum contouring at our office. Use of a diode laser eliminates the need for a scalpel or stitches and results in a quicker recover time. Reshaping the gum line can reveal hidden tooth structure for a more balanced and symmetrical smile. Gum contouring takes only one visit to complete, but the results last a lifetime.


Do you desire straighter teeth, but you don’t want to wear braces to achieve your goals? Invisalign is a metal-free alternative to traditional braces. This system can deliver a straighter smile in as little as 12 months. Invisalign uses a sequence of clear thermoplastic trays to gradually move the teeth into the desired positions. Every two weeks, patients will switch out their current set of trays for the next one in the series. If you have mild to moderate orthodontic issues, Invisalign could be the solution for you.

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