Is Your Mouth Kissable Enough for the New Year?

Show Off Your SmileEvery year begins and ends with a celebration. It’s a time of shedding off the previous year’s worries and starting anew, and traditionally, the transition is marked by a kiss from the love of your life (or a love interest, at least). The smooch is a symbol of good things in the year to come, and you most likely want it to be remembered for the right reasons. With help from your Chandler dentist, Dr. Arooni, you can ensure that your mouth is delightfully kissable this New Year.

Tips to a Kissable Mouth

  • A bright smile—Appearance is usually the most dominant factor in attraction, and studies show that a healthy, straight, and bright smile can make you more appealing. Avoid tooth stains by brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and refraining from too much dark-colored food and beverages.
  • Fresh breath—Avoiding garlic, onions, and other strong foods is a good way to avoid malodorous breath. However, sometimes bad breath can be caused by other causes, such as certain oral bacteria that can accumulate on your tongue. Use a tongue scraper during your daily oral hygiene routine to help control these bacteria.
  • A healthy mouth—Tooth decay and gum disease can also be causes for foul breath, but more importantly, they can also destroy your oral health. Gum disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss in America, and tooth decay destroys your tooth’s structure, slowly eating away your teeth one at a time. Good oral hygiene can help prevent these and other dental issues from threatening your oral health and lessening your smile’s appeal.

We Can Help

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By Mark Arooni DDS