How Denture Implants in Chandler Can
Restore Your Smile

Dentures in Chandler

Implant-based restorations such as implant-supported dentures can restore appearance and function for patients who are missing teeth. As an alternative to traditional removable dentures, implant-based dentures attach to titanium posts in the jawbone for maximum stability. Many of the complaints that patients have with removable dentures can be prevented with denture implants in Chandler, AZ.

If you want to upgrade your removable dentures or you are exploring ways to replace your missing teeth, denture implants could work for you. Call (480) 351-0963 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Arooni at Mark Arooni DDS.

Five Reasons to Choose Denture Implants over Traditional Dentures

With all the benefits dental implants can offer, we think there are plenty of reasons to choose an implant-based prosthesis. Here are five advantages:

  • Improved oral health: Not only do implant dentures restore chewing capability, but they also reestablish the body’s capability to maintain the strength and integrity of the jawbone.
  • Stability: Rest assured that your implant dentures will never loosen, wobble, or slip. You will have increased confidence and less insecurity associated with traditional denture concerns.
  • Durability: Implant-based restorations last a lifetime with proper care and routine checkups at the dentist.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Due to the high-quality dental materials available today, implant-supported dentures offer a lifelike appearance for a natural-looking smile.
  • Care and maintenance: Brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups remain essential to your oral health care. In addition, a Waterpik® or air flosser can be beneficial for cleaning around the gums.

Treatment Process for Denture Implants in Chandler

Now that we have briefly explored a few of the benefits of denture implants in Chandler, AZ, we will discuss how the treatment process works. After your initial consultation, treatment involves planning, preparatory procedures, placement, and final restoration. We will briefly explore each step in the sections below.

Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation at Mark Arooni DDS, he will take x-rays and scans to evaluate the health of the jawbone and any remaining teeth. Using an intraoral scanner and a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine, Dr. Arooni can captures detailed images of the soft and hard tissues. This will assist him in developing a fully personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. In most cases, he will use the images to create a custom surgical guide, which can aid in precise implant placement.

Preparatory Procedures

For long-term success, implants must be placed into the strongest, densest part of the jawbone. Because bone atrophy is a natural occurrence following tooth loss, patients who have endured missing teeth for a long time may require a bone grafting procedure prior to receiving their implants. After reviewing your radiographs, Dr. Arooni will be able to tell you if any preparatory procedures are necessary for your treatment case.

Placement Procedure

Your recommended treatment will depend on your unique situation. However, in most instances, implant surgery can be completed in about one to two hours at our office. We offer a number of sedation options so that patients can relax comfortably during their treatment. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Arooni will strategically place the implants into the jawbone. Unless you are undergoing an All-on-4® procedure, a few months of healing will be required prior to the restoration placement in most cases.

Final Restoration

During the recovery period, the jawbone tissue will fuse to your new implants – a process referred to as osseointegration. Once the implants are fully integrated, Dr. Arooni will attach your restoration. The result is a beautiful, functional smile that can give you the confidence to take on the world.

Learn More about Denture Implants in Chandler, AZ

If you are tired of loose, wobbly dentures, we can help you regain full function with implant-supported alternatives. Contact us at our Chandler, AZ dental office by calling (480) 351-0963 to schedule an appointment.