Dental Anxiety in Chandler AZ

Individualized Care for Dental Anxiety

It's a tragedy that millions of Americans do not get the oral health care they need, and many of those people may eventually lose their teeth without treatment, especially those in Chandler. Financial and geographical barriers are to blame in many of these cases, but a staggering number can be attributed to dental anxiety and aversion.

It is easy to put off dental care if you are not experiencing painful symptoms, but many harmful conditions can develop without being noticed. When a person fails to get routine preventive and restorative dental care, gum disease and tooth loss are often the result. If you know someone who has been avoiding dental care, its time to talk about dental anxiety. Dr. Mark Arooni wants everyone to get the quality treatments they deserve, so he provides individualized care for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Do you have a friend or family member who has deferred dental care too long? Is dental anxiety an obstacle for you? Call our Chandler, AZ dental practice at 480-855-1200 to learn more about Dr. Arooni's approach to dental anxiety.

Reasons for Dental Anxiety

There are a number or causes behind the sort of anxiety that prevents people from seeking dental care.

Modern dentistry has made impressive advances in the past half-century. For patients who remember a time before conservative and patient-centered care, their memories of painful dental treatments or insensitive providers may evoke feelings of stress and trauma. Losing their teeth may seem like a better option than suffering through experiences similar to those that traumatized their childhood! Some patients may also have feeling of shame over their oral hygiene that have put them off voluntarily visiting the dentist, whether warranted or not.

Dental anxiety may also stem from sense memories surrounding the sounds, smells, and feelings associated with being in the dental chair. Such patients may inadvertently panic or be overwhelmed with fear when confronted with dental situations, no matter how much they want to seek assistance.

To combat the many forms of anxiety and aversion patients face, Dr. Arooni has developed a gentle chairside manner to establish trust and mutual respect with all his patients.

Establishing Trust

The first step to establishing trust and overcoming anxiety is communicating to patients that Dr. Arooni's office is a judgment free zone. As patient and provider, we are partners in the health, working toward a common goal of maintaining and restoring proper dental function. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Arooni and his staff will never make patients feel bad about the state of their teeth and gums.

Next, Dr. Arooni takes the time to listen to each patient's concerns so he can understand individual needs before treatment can commence. Only after the patient and provider have established a comfortable rapport can the barriers of anxiety be brought down.

Sedation Dentistry for Anxiety

In many cases, dental anxiety can be overcome through a bond of trust and respect. In other cases, sedation dentistry may also be recommended. Sedation dentistry is not the same as sleep dentistry, as patients are conscious and awake throughout all treatments. At our Chandler dental practice, Dr. Arooni is qualified to offer oral sedation, nitrous oxide gas, or a combination of the two.

Oral Sedation

There are a number of gentle anti-anxiety medications that can be used to help patients feel more calm and comfortable at the dentist. The medicine is given in pill form, and is administered before the appointment even starts, to make sure it takes effect before the onset of anxiety. Dr. Arooni has helped many patients with the use of oral sedation; in many cases, patients with severe anxiety become so relaxed they even fall asleep during treatment. Patients who take advantage of oral sedation will need a friend or family member to drive them home from appointments, as the medicine may affect their reflexes and motor control for a few hours after treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

This safe, gentle sedative is administered via nose mask, and is very effective way to help patients feel relaxed. One benefit of nitrous oxide gas is that it takes effect immediately and wears off quickly once the nose mask is removed. Unlike oral sedation, nitrous oxide gas will not affect your ability to operate heavy machinery or drive a car after the appointment.

Be an Agent of Change!

If you know someone in Chandler, Arizona who has put off dental care for too many years, tell them about Dr. Mark  Arooni's gentle approach to dental anxiety. Our office is a safe space where patients can put their dental past behind them and move forward to better oral health.

If you know someone who needs a gentle dentist with an individualized approach to dental anxiety, call our Chandler, AZ dental practice at 480-855-1200 for an appointment.