Chandler Dentist Explains What Causes Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth in Chandler AZ

While Hollywood and the people in glossy fashion and health magazines may make it seem that everyone has perfectly straight and pristine smiles, nothing could be further from the truth. Take a look at the people around you. You will quickly notice that the individuals who surround you on a daily basis have certain smile imperfections, including crooked teeth, making it more normal than you may think. Your teeth are meant for functionality, to help you chew and break down food to assist with digestion.

However, a desire to have a straighter smile in Chandler is something shared by many, which is why advancements have been made in the dental industry to make achieving one more of a reality for both teenage and adult patients through Invisalign®. Before we dive into treatment options, let’s look at what causes crooked teeth and why some may suffer more than others.

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Your parents can have a direct impact on whether your teeth are crooked or not. Overlapping teeth, jaw misalignment, and other dental traits can be just as inherited as eye color. Crooked teeth in Chandler can also be the result of small mouths and large teeth. For example, if one parent has larger teeth and one has a small mouth, but both were passed on, you may suffer from severe dental misalignment or improper tooth development.

Facial Trauma

Jaw or mouth injuries often occur to children when they are roughhousing or playing sports. An elbow to the mouth or a bad fall can cause a tooth to fall out too soon or result in jaw misalignment. The sooner the issue can be addressed, the greater your chance of preventing the misalignment from worsening.

Poor Timing

While it may seem that baby teeth don’t matter as much since they will eventually fall out, Mark Arooni DDS explains how your primary teeth can have a direct influence on the health and placement of your permanent teeth. Taking good care of your primary teeth is essential for healthy and properly developed permanent teeth. Your baby teeth are intended to serve as anchors for your permanent teeth, helping to guide them into place. If baby teeth are lost too early from injury or decay, it can result in crooked permanent teeth. In the same way, if your baby teeth fail to fall out at the appropriate time, but your permanent teeth begin to erupt as normal, it can cause teeth to overlap.

Bad Habits

Certain habits that form during childhood, such as thumb-sucking or using a pacifier for self-soothing can cause the upper palate to become misshaped, initiating crooked or protruding teeth. While it may seem harmless at first, these habits can have a long-term affect on oral health. Other bad habits known to develop in children include mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and reverse swallowing. Each of these can influence the shape of the mouth and placement of the teeth. Taking your child to the dentist in Chandler once teeth begin to develop will allow these bad habits to be caught and corrected in their earliest stages.

How to Correct Crooked Teeth in Chandler

If you are looking for a way to correct your crooked teeth as an adult, Dr. Arooni offers Invisalign® as a discreet orthodontic solution. A series of aligners will be customized to your unique misalignment and worn to help shift teeth into proper placement. Wearing your aligners as directed will allow you to achieve desirable results in about 12 months. If you are looking for a virtually unnoticeable way to achieve a straighter smile, contact Invisalign® Chandler dentist Dr. Arooni today online or by calling 480-855-1200.