Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Denture Implants in Chandler

Denture Implants in Chandler AZ

If you wear traditional removable dentures, you should be aware of what you are missing! Denture implants in Chandler feel more like natural teeth because they are secured to the jaw and don’t slip loose at embarrassing times. With just four dental implants, Dr. Mark Arooni can attach a full denture that snaps loose when you want to remove it, and stays put at all other times. Imagine that: dentures that don’t rub against the gums and remain stable when you chew your food!

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Top Chandler Dentist Provides 4 Reasons to Consider Denture Implants

1 - Consider Your Friends and Family

If you’ve been stuck wearing uncomfortable, poorly fitting dentures, your friends and family are probably missing you at lunch dates and get-togethers. Potential embarrassment over unstable dentures may make you feel like staying home and eating alone, but denture implants, Chandler AZ, give you the confidence to be your most outgoing version of yourself!

2 - Consider Your Peace of Mind

Losing your teeth can take a significant toll on a person. It may be a relief to put your dental problems behind you, but learning how to speak and chew with removable dentures takes some time. It may be weeks before you feel comfortable being around friends and family again—and those closest to you may sense a difference in how you eat and communicate. Don’t let losing your teeth be something that adds to the stresses of your life. Implant dentures give you greater freedom and less irritation to the oral tissues.

3 - Consider Your Diet and Health

As we get older, nutritional needs change and appetites tend to wane. It becomes increasingly important that the food we consume be healthful and meet your body’s nutritional requirements. Only implant dentures can guarantee that no foods are “off limits” or “impractical.” Denture implants at Mark Arooni DDS function more like natural teeth, which makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy diet.

Only denture implants, Chandler AZ, guarantee you can enjoy a full range of nutritious foods after losing your teeth. Because dental implants are firmly connected to the bones of the jaw, implant-based dentures can stand up to difficult foods. You don’t have to say goodbye to crunchy fruits and vegetables, chewy bagels, or corn on the cob.

4 - Do it For You!

The bottom line is that implant-based dentures, Chandler AZ, can improve your quality of life in many ways. You deserve a better set of prosthetic teeth to carry you through your life and help you stay active and healthy. Non-implant dentures do not feel like natural teeth, and they can make you feel like staying home and hiding. Stable, dependable implant-based dentures give you back your bite!

What You Should Know About Denture Implants, Chandler AZ

Implant dentures are a wonderful way to restore your chewing function. They look beautiful and natural in your smile and don’t shift around in the mouth. Dentists love to recommend implants to patients who have lost teeth because they help you better preserve your facial bone structure over time. Overall, they are a better choice for both your oral health and your quality of life.

Implants do require a surgical procedure, however, as well as a considerable period of healing and stabilization. For most patients, getting implants can take three to six months, start to finish. If you have already been without teeth for several years, you may need bone grafting to qualify for implants, which can add time to your treatment plan. Call our Chandler AZ dental office at 480-855-1200 to learn about the process for switching to denture implants. We will examine your mouth, review your medical history, and discuss the process of getting implant-based dentures.