Choosing Your Cosmetic Dentist in Chandler

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Cosmetic dentists in Chandler give patients the smile they want and deserve! The most important factors affecting the outcome of a smile makeover consist of a patient clearly articulating his or her smile makeover goals and the skill of the dentist you choose. Take the following into consideration when choosing a cosmetic dentist:

  • His or her credentials, which include education, continuing education efforts, and membership in professional organizations
  • The services offered at his or her dental practice, such as Invisalign®, teeth whitening, veneers, implants, and others
  • Whether the cosmetic dentist provides a portfolio of made-over smiles and satisfied client reviews
  • The staff or team at the dental practice who assist the cosmetic dentist

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When choosing a cosmetic dentist, you will want to check out their educational background, whether they take continuing education courses, and to which professional organizations they belong.

Researching a dentist’s educational background will inform you on the quality of his or her education and allow you to explore the program objectives and opportunities that were a part of the coursework involved.

Continuing education in any field contributes to an expert’s credibility. A cosmetic dentist who continuously examines and explores innovations in dentistry will be able to provide you with the best care for optimal results for your smile makeover.

Professional organizations for cosmetic dentists also ensure that they remain updated on breakthroughs in research and patient care central to the profession.

Dr. Mark Arooni’s Credentials

Services Offered

Make sure that the procedures you want for your smile makeover are offered through the practice and from the doctor that you choose. Gum contouring might be offered by one cosmetic dentist, but not by another, so if this is part of what you want for your smile makeover, remember to ask at Mark Arooni DDS in Chandler and make sure it is part of the services performed at that particular dental practice.

Services Offered at Our Chandler, AZ Dental Practice

  • Gum contouring that reshapes gum tissue to reveal your preferred tooth structure and smile
  • Invisalign to straighten teeth
  • Teeth whitening to show off your brightest, whitest smile
  • Veneers to address issues with gaps, discoloration, or crooked or chipped teeth


Reputable cosmetic dentists will have a showcase or a smile gallery available for you to peruse. This indicates pride in their work and satisfied clients. You will see the changes and results of other people who might have undergone the same procedures that interest you.

Dr. Arooni’s Smile Gallery


A cosmetic dentist’s team members can reflect the dentist’s work philosophy. Consider looking into the qualifications of the dentist’s staff in addition to the dentist him/herself.

The Team at Our Office

  • Staff members have years of experience and pertinent education
  • Team includes front-of-house staff and coordinators and managers for each aspect of running a dental practice
  • All dental assistants at Mark Arooni DDS are registered and experienced

A cosmetic dentist with superior talent and ability, years of experience, a solid approach to care and patient satisfaction, and continued training in dentistry is key to a positive smile transformation. Trusting your cosmetic dentist helps make the process better and easier. Get to know Dr. Arooni by contacting us at our Chandler, AZ dental office; call 480 855 1200 or schedule online.