Chandler Implant Dentist Examines Tooth Loss

Gum Disease TreatmentTooth loss, while common, is not a natural occurrence. The truth is that your teeth were meant to last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Nevertheless, around 15% of the population in Arizona alone has suffered from permanent tooth loss (according to the CDC’s tooth loss estimates). While there are myriad options for replacing lost teeth and their roots, your oral health would be better off if you could prevent tooth loss altogether. To help you achieve that goal, Chandler implant dentist Dr. Mark Arooni examines some of the more common reasons behind the loss of your natural teeth.

Reasons for Tooth Loss

Periodontal (gum) disease

As gum disease develops and progresses, your periodontal tissue (gums) can separate from your teeth. The separation creates pockets where bacteria can collect and advance the destruction of your teeth’s supporting structures. If gum disease is allowed to become severe, it can also threaten the health of your jawbone. Because it attacks your teeth’s support, gum disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss in America.

Tooth decay

As the name suggests, tooth decay involves the gradual destruction of your tooth as infection eats away its structure. Like gum disease, tooth decay begins with excessive bacteria accumulating in your mouth in the form of dental plaque. Some of the germs consume sugar and carbs and convert them into acid, which depletes the minerals from your teeth and weakens their protective layer of enamel, paving the way for infection to set into the softer, main tooth structure called dentin. If left untreated, tooth decay will continue its destructive path until your devastated tooth requires extraction, or falls out on its own.


Most people aware that smoking tobacco can lead to an intimidating host of health issues, including all forms of cancer. The toxic chemicals in tobacco can also interfere with the function of your mouth’s soft tissue cells, including those responsible for holding your gums to your teeth. When this tissue erodes, your gums lose their grip on your teeth and tooth loss often follows.

Replace Your Lost Teeth in Chandler

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By Mark Arooni DDS