Chandler Dentist Discusses the Rebuilding of a Tooth

Gum ContouringUnless you’ve had a cavity, you may not have heard much about them since your childhood. Nevertheless, tooth decay remains a significant problem, affecting over 90% of adults in America in at least one of their permanent teeth. What makes tooth decay so troublesome is that, unlike many other parts of the human body, your teeth cannot repair themselves. After the decay has been removed, a crown can typically be placed over your tooth to protect it from further damage and decay. In some cases, though, enough damage has been done that the tooth may not even be salvageable. As part of our dedication to helping you preserve the health and beauty of your smile, Chandler dentist, Dr. Mark Arooni, discusses a new study that may offer a method of attacking tooth decay and reversing the structural damage to your tooth.

The Anatomy of Tooth Decay

The first step to fighting tooth decay is to understand it. A healthy human tooth consists of layers, the outermost of which, called enamel, is the strongest substance that your body produces. Underneath enamel is your tooth’s main tissue, called dentin, and at the center of your tooth lies the dental pulp, which houses your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. Like most oral health issues, tooth decay begins with the bacteria that band together and form dental plaque. Aside from crafting sticky biofilm, some of these germs consume sugar and other carbs from your meals and snacks, converting them into acid that saps your teeth of essential minerals and weakens your tooth enamel. Over time, acid erosion causes small holes to form in your enamel that allow bacteria access to your tooth’s more sensitive inner tissues. As decay attacks, it can create holes in your tooth structure, called cavities, that when left unchecked can grow and threaten your tooth’s existence.

Reversing Acid Destruction

Conventionally, tooth decay is treated by removing the decayed portion of your tooth and replacing it with a manmade material for reinforcement, such as in a dental filling procedure or root canal therapy. Most dentists would agree, however, that preserving natural, healthy tooth structure is always preferable to removing a part or all of your tooth. With this in mind, scientists have discovered a method of fighting tooth decay and rebuilding your tooth, possibly reinventing the treatment of tooth decay. The authors of the study used a solution based on the peptide P 11-4, which can assemble together into fibers. When applied to an affected tooth, the solution can seep into the microscopic holes created by decay and provides a framework that attracts minerals for enamel to rejuvenate. By literally painting the solution onto the teeth of volunteers (all of whom exhibited the initial signs of tooth decay), the researchers successfully reversed the damage and regenerated worn tooth tissue.

Rebuild Your Smile with Help from Chandler Dentist

If tooth decay or another serious dental health issue has resulted in tooth loss, then ask Dr. Arooni about replacing your teeth with dental implants, the only solution that replaces your tooth’s root as well as the visible crown. To learn more about protecting or restoring your smile, schedule an appointment with your Chandler dentist by calling our office at 480-855-1200. Located in the 85224 area, Lakeview Dental Care proudly serves patients from Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and all surrounding communities.

By Mark Arooni DDS