Chandler Dentist Discusses Life After Dental Implants

Life after Dental ImplantsLosing teeth may be a common occurrence, especially among older individuals, but contrary to popular belief, tooth loss is not inevitable. Your teeth were made to last a lifetime, and they possess natural defense mechanisms to help keep them strong. Nevertheless, your teeth need your attention to remain healthy. If dental hygiene is neglected, infection may soon set in and cost you one or more of your teeth. Replacing your lost teeth can be vital to restoring and maintaining your dental health, and anchoring your replacement teeth to one or more dental implants can help provide a sturdier solution as well as help prevent jawbone deterioration, which follows after the loss of a tooth root. However, your dental implants and tooth replacements will need as much care as your natural teeth to stay strong and healthy. To help ensure the success of your new and improved smile, Chandler implant dentist Dr. Mark Arooni discusses the proper way to care for your dental implants.

After the Procedure

Depending on how much work was done, you may need to take some time off work to rest and recover. Use an ice pack to reduce discomfort and swelling for the first couple of days. Dr. Arooni may prescribe medication to numb the pain, and antibiotics can help prevent infection and facilitate the healing process. You may also need to rinse with antibacterial mouthrinse in the days following your procedure. Take care when spitting the rinse out so as not to damage your delicate gums.

Long-Term Dental Implant Care

To prevent the recurrence of infection, you will have to maintain your dental implant-supported replacements with the same care that your natural teeth require. Brushing and flossing twice a day will help prevent food debris and bacterial plaque from hanging around long enough to cause damage. If you’ve replaced multiple teeth and there is space between your gums and prosthetic teeth, Dr. Arooni will coach you in the proper method of cleaning this space and your implants for optimal results.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Chandler

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By Mark Arooni DDS