Woman holding restorative optionsChandler, AZ dentist, Dr. Mark Arooni specializes in cosmetic dentistry, but he can also provide you with top-of-the-line restorative dentistry. If you’re in need of a filling, a crown, dentures, or restorative dental bonding, we can help you with all of those needs. Your smile is an important part of your identity, so we strive to correct any dental issues you face. Dr. Arooni wants to help you have a smile that you love, and he’s ready to help you with all your cosmetic and restorative needs. We promise that you’ll leave our office with a natural-looking smile, regardless of your unique dental needs.

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Dr. Arooni can provide a variety of restorative dental treatments for you, such as dental bonding, composite fillings, dentures, and crowns and bridges.

Dental Bonding

If you suffer from receding gums, dental bonding can cover and protect your exposed roots from decay, while preventing tooth sensitivity from hot and cold foods and beverages. With this procedure, Dr. Arooni will sculpt multiple layers of a composite resin material onto the problem tooth. He then allows this material to harden, by using a special light.. To finish the procedure, Dr. Arooni will polish your tooth, leaving you with an affordable option to managing your smile. You will leave our office with a natural-looking smile that you’re proud to show off. This restorative option allows you to fully regain the function of that the previously damaged tooth, while enhancing the overall appearance of your smile.

Composite Fillings

Tooth-colored composite fillings don’t require us to remove as much of your tooth enamel. This is beneficial to your smile because tooth enamel is what protects each of your teeth. When bacteria have damaged a tooth, it can cause you to experience some discomfort and can lead to a dental catastrophe if not restored properly. Dr. Arooni will solve this problem by placing a filling onto the decayed tooth. After this procedure, the tooth will blend naturally with the rest of your tooth. Your smile won’t be marred by the appearance of metal fillings, but will look natural and radiant instead.


When we have teeth missing from our smiles, we feel embarrassed and afraid to show off our smiles. Dentures can act as a solution to this embarrassing problem, while also giving you back your freedom during mealtime. Sometimes when we’re missing teeth, we experience difficulties when we’re speaking. Dr. Arooni can provide you with gum-colored, removable dentures. Not only will this provide you with a natural-looking solution, but the dentures will also fit comfortably in your mouth, therefore you shouldn’t experience any discomfort. Everyone’s smiles are different and we understand that.

After assessing your unique situation, Dr. Arooni can recommend either full dentures or partial dentures. A full set of dentures will replace full rows of missing teeth, whereas a partial denture will provide a solution if you’re missing multiple teeth but still have a number of healthy teeth you wish to keep. Another denture option is implant-based dentures. This option uses dental implants, which are inserted directly into your jawbone, to form a surface for your dentures.


Broken, cracked, or decayed teeth are painful and can affect your enjoyment of food. In just two appointments, Chandler, AZ dentist, Dr. Arooni can place a crown over the problematic tooth. A crown will reduce your level of discomfort, while providing you with a long lasting and durable solution. Each crown is uniquely created to match your current smile, so that there won’t be any signs of dental work. This procedure requires two appointments. In the first appointment, Dr. Arooni will remove the decay from your tooth and take a mold of the area. During this appointment, he will also perfect the shape of the damaged area. At the following appointment, he will place your customized crown and make sure that it fits comfortably and securely in your mouth.

Dr. Arooni can help you find a solution for all of your cosmetic and restorative dental needs, to learn more about how he can help you, schedule an appointment with our Chandler, AZ office today. Call 480-855-1200.