Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Day? Find Out Why

Dentists Treat Bad BreathFor most people, morning breath is a luxury they could do without. Unfortunately, it is also largely unavoidable. Luckily, morning breath doesn’t typically last long, dissipating after breakfast and brushing your teeth. Sometimes, however, bad breath may stick with you long after your morning routine. So what causes morning breath, and why does it sometimes refuse to go away? Chandler dentist, Dr. Mark Arooni, sheds light on the mechanics behind bad breath, and what it might indicate if it persists.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Most bad breath originates from within your mouth, usually when certain oral bacteria release volatile sulfur compounds that smell awfully like sulfur, or worse. Saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against these and other oral bacteria, helping to rinse your mouth of the plaque that holds them and neutralize some of their harmful processes.  When you sleep, however, your saliva production is significantly reduced, creating a hospitable environment for bacteria to thrive while you slumber. However, dry mouth (or xerostomia) can also affect you while you awake for a number of reasons, exacerbating persistent bad breath.

What Else Could it Be?

Perhaps not surprisingly, bad breath can often indicate the presence of an oral health issue, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or failed dental work (i.e., a cracked filling). Although not as common, bad breath can also be present in the midst of certain internal medical conditions, including diabetes, liver disease, respiratory infections, acid reflux, and many others. If your bad breath persists even in spite of your best efforts to eliminate it, see your Chandler dentist as soon as possible to help diagnose the underlying issue.

Excellent Dental Treatment in Chandler

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, or halitosis, and would like to learn more about treating it, schedule an appointment with Dr. Arooni by calling our Chandler dental office at 480-855-1200. Located in the 85224 area, Lakeview Dental Care proudly serves patients from Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and all surrounding communities.

By Mark Arooni DDS