Can a Sedation Dentist Help Me?

meds from sedation dentistAlthough you might feel embarrassed of your dental anxiety, this condition affects roughly 30 to 40 million Americans. The reason for your fear could be a result of a number of things. Some patients remember a bad past experience, while others have a sensitive gag reflux that creates feelings of hesitation before a dental appointment. Chandler, AZ sedation dentist Dr. Mark Arooni offers nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or both to create a tolerable environment for anxious patients.

Before he can establish a safe and comfortable environment for you, Dr. Arooni needs to know your feelings and concerns. If you feel comfortable enough to share your past experiences with him, it could help him make your procedure more endurable. Your dental anxiety shouldn’t stop you from openly discussing your feelings with Dr. Arooni. Approximately 9-15 percent of Americans experience dental anxiety. Remember that you’re not alone when it comes to fearing the dentist. Dr. Arooni listens with an open mind and strives to make you feel at ease while you’re in our office.

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What Makes Me an Anxious Patient? 

If the thought of sitting in the dental chair or even just walking into a dental office makes you feel uneasy, you may suffer from dental anxiety. Most patients with this condition have a sensitive gag reflux, a bad past experience, or a low pain tolerance. However, an anxious patient could be a result of a number of things.

Patients who feel apprehensive or hesitant to undergo a procedure or have someone’s hands in their mouth qualify as an anxious patient. It’s important that you feel comfortable talking with sedation dentist Dr. Arooni. It’s okay to ask him to stop during a procedure if you need a break. Dr. Arooni recommends establishing a hand signal to show him that you’re ready for a quick break. He will happily come to a stopping point and let you relax before he begins again.

Before you’re appointment, ask questions about what will happen. If you don’t understand a certain part of your procedure, ask Dr. Arooni to explain it in a different way. In order to feel at ease with your treatment, it’s important that you understand exactly what will happen and why each step is vital for a successful procedure.

Medication to Ease Your Mind

Sedation dentist Dr. Arooni offers nitrous oxide for patients with mild anxiety about upcoming dental treatment. This is often referred to as laughing gas and elicits a calming effect. If you feel that you need something a little stronger, Dr. Arooni recommends oral sedation, which is administered in pill form and taken by mouth. Sedation medication creates feelings of slight amnesia; most patients end up forgetting their entire procedure. Patients with extreme anxiety significantly benefit from a combination of both nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Dr. Arooni uses these to calm anxious patients and help them through their procedure so that they can maintain oral health.

Despite popular believe, good oral health isn’t just from twice daily brushing and flossing. Biannual dental checkups are a crucial part of establishing optimal oral health.

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