Overcoming Dental Fears With Spa-Like Dentistry in Chandler AZ

Dental Sedation and TreatmentDental Phobic Patients Benefit from Gentle Dentistry

Overcoming dental fears can be daunting, but not with our unique dental office in Chandler, Arizona. Our experienced sedation dentist can help patients with dental anxiety get the treatment they need with gentle dentistry focused on patient satisfaction. At Mark Arooni DDS Care, we pride ourselves on being like no other dental practice when it comes to patient comfort. We offer spa-like amenities that give our patients a customer service experience unheard of in other dentist offices.

Relaxing All of the Senses for Dental Treatment in Chandler

For many people, dental fears originate from the sensory triggers that remind them of previous bad experiences. Our Chandler dentist encourages patients to relax with aroma therapy and visual entertainment. We offer scented, hot, fresh towels, and virtual reality glasses. You can also listen to relaxing music with our sound cancelling headphones. At Mark Arooni DDS Care, you no longer have to worry about negative sights, smells, or sounds previously associated with dentist offices.

Taking Comfort Dentistry to the Next Level

You may even wonder if you are still in the dentist office when our compassionate dental professionals offer you a warm paraffin wax treatment for moisturizing your hands. We also offer every patient warm, cozy blankets and supportive neck cushions for added comfort, along with bottles of water or other refreshments.

Sedation Dentistry Relaxes Dental Anxiety

For dental phobic patients, we can administer nitrous oxide. This proven safe and fast-acting sedative helps patients calm their nerves as they inhale the nitrous oxide gas. A warm sensation will travel throughout the body, encouraging patients to drift into a drowsy, relaxed state without going completely to sleep. Even more beneficial for sedation dentistry patients, nitrous oxide wears off completely after the patient stops inhaling the nitrous oxide gas, so that he or she can drive home safely after treatment without a companion.

We look forward to helping patients with dentistry fears to consider our unique dental office in Chandler. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact our Chandler dental office at (480)855-1200. We proudly serve patients from Guadalupe, Mesa, Sun Tan Valley, and Tempe, AZ.

By Mark Arooni DDS