Chandler Dentist Provides 5 Things You Didn't Know About All-on-4 Denture Implants

All-on-4 Denture Implants in Chandler AZ

If you’ve heard of denture implants, you may be under the impression that all implant-based dentures require the same lengthy process. For example, you may have read that implants take three-to-six months to heal before you can use them. Perhaps you’ve read that bone grafting is often a prerequisite for treatment. If so, we have news for you! With All-on-4 denture implants in Chandler, this is rarely the case. All-on-4 is a uniquely different type of surgical implant procedure, and it has helped many patients qualify for implant-based prosthetics.

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All-on-4 Dentures Give You New Teeth in Just One Day

As a fixed full-arch restoration, All-on-4 denture implants at Mark Arooni DDS give you a permanent set of dentures on the same day as your surgery. Due to the placement of the implants, you don’t have to wait for new bone growth to stabilize the implants before they can support a prosthetic arch. Rather than place the implants in the same position as the roots of your natural teeth, some of the implants are placed at an angle. This creates a more stable support that can be used immediately. Your mouth will still need gentle care to heal properly, but you won’t need to wait several months before you can use your new teeth.

More Patients in Chandler Qualify for All-on-4 Denture Implants

If you were once told you don’t qualify for standard implant dentures, All-on-4 may be an option for you. This unique treatment works differently than removable implant dentures, so more candidates tend to qualify.

No Need for Bone Grafting with All-on-4

If you have already lost bone mass in the jaw, you may have been recommended bone grafting to qualify for implant dentures. All-on-4 is different because it utilizes the healthy bone tissue you do have to create the support for your dentures. This means you can get your new teeth faster than if you had required a separate bone grafting procedure. Bone grafts can add months to your treatment timeline and are sometimes a wait-and-see scenario. With All-on-4, many patients at Mark Arooni DDS in Chandler can skip this step entirely.

All-on-4 Can Give You the Confidence to Enjoy Your Life Again

If you’ve struggled with traditional dentures for many years, you’ve probably wished you could go back in time. You’ve had to change your diet to accommodate the limitations of dentures, and you may not enjoy dining as the social activity it once was. It’s hard to feel good about eating with your friends and family if you are worried about embarrassing gaffes with unstable dentures. With a stable fixed denture, you’ll have the confidence to enjoy your meals again, as well as your quality time with loved ones.

All-on-4 Can Improve Your Health

Not only do traditional dentures prevent you from accessing a rich diet of healthy foods, but they can also lead to oral health issues. Since all biting and chewing force comes from the gums, the soft tissues of the mouth must endure a great deal of pressure and friction, which can be painful. There is even some evidence to indicate a connection between poorly fitting dentures and oral cancer. With All-on-4 denture implants, however, you can better preserve the health of your jawbone, improve your diet, and have a healthier mouth, all around.

All-on-4 denture implants, Chandler AZ, can improve the quality of your life in many ways. Contact Dr. Mark Arooni of Mark Arooni DDS to learn more about your candidacy for this life-changing treatment. Call our office at (480) 351-0963 to make an appointment.