Take Decades Off Your Smile with Aesthetic
Dentistry in Chandler

Aesthetic Dentistry in Chandler AZ

Are your teeth starting to show your age? A few lucky people seem to be born with teeth that are impervious to damage. For most of us, however, the older we get, the more worn our teeth look. Even perfectly healthy teeth have the potential to become damaged by years of hard use—but there are cosmetic solutions that can rejuvenate your smile and restore its appearance. Thanks to innovations in aesthetic dentistry in Chandler, we no longer have to quietly surrender to the inevitable effects of aging.

Are you interested in aesthetic dentistry, Chandler AZ, to turn back the clock on your smile? Visit Dr. Mark Arooni to learn about cosmetic techniques to make your smile look as young as you feel! Call us at 480-855-1200 for a smile makeover consultation.


When teeth are young, they look full and bright. After decades of hard use, the hard-working surfaces of your teeth become worn by constant friction. Enamel often becomes more brittle as we get older and prone to cracking. Shallow cracks on the surface of your teeth (craze lines) may not threaten the health of your teeth, but they leave them looking old. Years of exposure to acidic foods and beverages can erode enamel, as well, leaving it looking thinner and more translucent. Even if you whiten your teeth to remove pigment stains, they may never look as milky white as they did in the past. If your teeth have suffered from erosion and enamel damage, it may be possible to correct this appearance with composite bonding or porcelain veneers.

If you have small chips to your teeth or cracks that have developed, aesthetic dentistry, Chandler AZ, provides versatile solutions. Single chipped or cracked teeth can be restored with porcelain crowns, bonding and contouring, or even hand-crafted porcelain veneers. Schedule a visit at Mark Arooni DDS and we’ll take a look at your teeth together, addressing each flaw that detracts from your smile and how best to correct it.

Many patients who wore braces in their youth find that, over time, their teeth try ti revert to their crooked or crowded original state. If your teeth are mostly in the right positions, but a few stubborn teeth have shifted, you may be a good candidate for adult orthodontics. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can restore your proper tooth alignment without having to wear metal brackets and wires again. There’s no such thing as “too old” for orthodontic treatments, since teeth are always healthier when they’re in a proper state of alignment.

Most dentists and patients prefer to use tooth-colored fillings nowadays, so old metal fillings can really date your smile! If you have metal fillings in your teeth, you may be due to have them replaced. Amalgam fillings typically only last about 12 years before they start to fail. Instead of more metal, Dr. Arooni will replace your fillings with natural-looking composite fillings.

Just like tooth enamel, the gum tissue that supports your teeth can also erode. Gum disease can speed up the process of gum recession, but even healthy gums can be damaged by years and years of vigorous tooth-brushing. If your gums look like they are starting to “pull away” from your teeth, ask Dr. Arooni about gum treatments and grafts, or cosmetic bonding and veneers. There are multiple ways to protect the roots of your teeth, while slowing the process of gum loss.

There are many ways to safely restore aging teeth to a healthy and beautiful state. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Arooni and we’ll explain how aesthetic dentistry, Chandler AZ, can restore the beauty of your smile.

We love to see our patients’ confidence restored through safe and effective cosmetic treatments, and will help you decide whether a smile makeover is something you’d like to try. Contact Mark Arooni DDS at 480-855-1200 for a smile makeover consultation.