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What Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

By Shauna Duty | August 10, 2017

Porcelain veneers are used to completely resurface an imperfect tooth. If your tooth is oddly shaped or severely discolored, Chandler, AZ dentist Dr. Mark Arooni recommends a custom-made dental veneer to cover the flaw entirely. This cosmetic procedure can become rather expensive, however the cost seems reasonable when compared to the multiple procedures that are…

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What to Expect at Your Smile Makeover Consultation

By Shauna Duty | July 24, 2017

One of the first things that others notice about you is your smile. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, it can make you feel embarrassed and unattractive. A Chandler smile makeover can include as many or as few cosmetic procedures as needed. Each patient is unique, so it’s important to discuss the aspects of your…

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3 Questions to Ask Your Chandler Cosmetic Dentist

By Mark Arooni DDS | July 12, 2017

The decision to receive cosmetic treatment isn’t a small one. It requires a great deal of thought and consideration in order to make the right choice for your health and personal desires. A newly transformed smile can improve your confidence and appearance. It can also help you look healthier, friendlier, and more approachable. However, when…

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Beautiful elegant elderly lady with a lively smile. Chandler, AZ dentist provides dental implant.

Don’t Let Loose Dentures Dictate Your Lunch Dates! You Can Get Complete Dental Implants in Chandler

By Mark Arooni DDS | June 15, 2017

Although dentures are a quick and initially affordable option when replacing missing teeth, they are not necessarily the best solution. Many people find that dentures can slip out of place when eating and talking. They can even cause an awkward popping sound. When dentures are fabricated, they are designed to fit snugly over your gums.…

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Dentist with happy patient after treating TMJ pain

TMJ Pain Has You Down? Chandler Dentist Has Proven, Non-Surgical Solution

By Mark Arooni DDS | June 5, 2017

  If you’re experiencing stiffness in your shoulders or neck, you could have the medical condition known as TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) on either side of your jaw connect your lower jawbone to your skull. The proper positioning of these joints allows you to speak, chew, and yawn. They’re also responsible for facial…

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Chandler Cosmetic Dentist Offers Aesthetic Restorative Treatment

By Mark Arooni DDS | May 19, 2017

Chandler, AZ dentist, Dr. Mark Arooni specializes in cosmetic dentistry, but he can also provide you with top-of-the-line restorative dentistry. If you’re in need of a filling, a crown, dentures, or restorative dental bonding, we can help you with all of those needs. Your smile is an important part of your identity, so we strive…

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Hand holding invisible adult braces

Top Smile Makeover Dentist in Chandler Offers Adult Braces

By Mark Arooni DDS | May 17, 2017

Uneven teeth hold us back from loving the appearance of our smiles, but bracket and wire braces are a big commitment—and a big change to our appearance! They are also associated with uncomfortable wires, food restrictions, and monthly tightening appointments. Chandler, AZ dentist, Dr. Mark Arooni, can give you the straight smile that you want,…

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Dentist Chandler AZ Dental Emergency

Call Us For Your Dental Emergency in Chandler

By Mark Arooni DDS | April 25, 2017

Call Us For Your Dental Emergencies in Chandler When a dental emergency strikes, life can come to a screeching halt. The pain from a throbbing toothache, cracked molar, or injury to the mouth to can be unrelenting and agonizing. Dentist Mark Arooni will never ask you to suffer in silence while you wait for office…

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Dentist Chandler AZ Dental Implant

Replace That Missing Tooth in Chandler!

By Mark Arooni DDS | April 18, 2017

Replace That Missing Tooth in Chandler! There are several ways one can lose a tooth. Sports injuries often knock out a tooth, as do any number of personal accidents and mishaps. Sometimes a cracked molar can’t be saved, or a root canal fails, and the tooth must be extracted to prevent infection. Regardless of the…

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Dentist Chandler AZ Cosmetic Dentistry

Common Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry in Chandler

By Mark Arooni DDS | April 14, 2017

Top 5 Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry in Chandler Cosmetic dentistry in Chandler has come a long way in the past 20 years. The field has become such a part of mainstream dentistry that it’s difficult to find a general dentist nowadays who doesn’t offer some level of basic cosmetic treatments. Despite this, there are still some…

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